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Iris Marie

Harry Potter J.K. Rowling and others legally associated

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The Gryffindor Trio by Adeline

Hermione and Ron by Andrea L. Peterson

Harry Potter by Ann

Remus Lupin by Ann

Ron Weasley by Ann

Tom Marvelo Riddle by Ann

Harry Potter by Annie Martensson

Bewitched by Arc

Chibi Harry by Beatrix Riddle

Harry Potter by Beatrix Riddle

Remus Lupin by Beatrix Riddle

Pets by Edward Juan

The Weasleys by Edward Juan

The Sorting Hat by Edward Juan

Harry Potter by Elaine Fair

Hermione Granger by Elaine Fair

The Weasleys by Jo-chan

Ron and Pigwidgeon by Jo-chan

The Prank by Jo-chan

Competition by Jo-chan

Manga After-Effects by Jo-chan

To Impress Cho by Jo-chan

The Know-It-All by Lisa Falzon

Ron and Scabbers by Kellilla

Chibi Harry and Ginny by Priscilla Spencer and Kitsunedream

Siblings by Ri

Harry and Hedwig by Ri

Gilderoy Lockhart by Tealin

Ron Weasley by Tealin

Tom Marvelo Riddle by Tealin

Harry and Hedwig by Tiamat