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After yet another all-nighter of transfering files and retrieving lost ones, I welcome you to the new home of Magus Amor: The Harry Potter Archives:

Since sphosting terminated my account due to too much traffic (I thought that was good thing), most of my files have been lost with the deletion. Luckily for me, I have made some (note some) backup files so most of the pages are open. If you check out the library, you'll see that I had most stories either stored on my hard drive or stored on discs so most of the fics are there, but please realize as there may be some faulty links. If one of your fics are missing, please resend it in whether formatted or not. Or, perhaps, send me a link to where I can find it. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I plan MAHP to get back up by the beginning of September. However, since school is starting and I have a vacation coming up, the date may vary but I will keep all of you informed.

I didn't have back-ups for the following pages: categories, new stories, fanart, and about jk rowling. Those pages I will try to get up by the beginning of September

One good thing about the deletion of the previous page is that I get the chance to redesign ^-^ Though still peeved, I'm making the most of it. Submissions are still open, so submit me some of your stuff! I'll make MAHP bigger and better and though tripod has a pop-up on every page, it's reliable. And right now, I need reliable. The Harry Potter pic on the top was drawn by the very talented Ann. I really do love that drawing ^-^ I'll get the original up as soon as I get the fanart page up.

If you could perhaps spread the word that I've moved, I'd be very grateful. Update your bookmarks and links everyone!


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