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Finite Incantatem- used to stop a spell. Like when they were in the Dueling Lessons and Malfoy and Harry were using the Dancing and Tickling Charm on each other. Snape stopped both charms by using this spell.

Disarming Charm- Expelliarmus (takes the wand from the opposing person and brings the wand to you.)
Confusion Charm (used for Boggarts)- Riddikulus (In the 3rd book, The Prisoner of Azkaban, Remus Lupin brought the class to face a Boggart that lives in a closet. The Boggart would take form of what they most feared and they had to conquer that fear by thinking of something they didn't fear. Neville was scared of Snape, so the Boggart took Snape's form and then Neville thought of his Grandmother, something he did not fear and then said the charm. The Boggart got confused and then had Snape wearing his Grandmother's clothing. C'mon, don't tell me you don't remember that)
Memory Charm- Obliviate (Takes away your memory. Gilderoy Lockhart used it in the 2nd book, Chamber of Secrets)
Summoning Charm- Accio (Mrs. Weasley wanted the candy from George's pocket, but he wouldn't give it to her. So, she used this charm to bring it out of his pocket to her. Useful, no?)
Patronus Charm- Expecto Patrono (Used to get rid of Dementors. You first have to think a very happy thought while saying it for it to work and to be effective.)
Levitating Charm- Wingardium Leviosa (levitates things; make things rise)
Tickling Charm- Rictusempra
Dancing Charm- Tarantallegra (I highly doubt this is used to make someone a better dancer, but rather it's used just to make someone dance.)
Fixing Charm- Reparo (fix something that's broken)
Makes Flowers- Orchideous (it makes the flowers come out from the tip of the wand)
Conjures Birds- Avis (Mr. Ollivander used it and it first made a blast like a gun, but then number of small twittering birds flew out of the end of the wand)
Ripping Charm- Diffindo (to rip something like a bag)
Enlargen- Engorgio
Reduce- Reducio (Makes something smaller. Like a counter thing for the Enlargen spell.
Enlargen Teeth- Densaugeo (thanks goes to WufeiChangx822 for telling/correcting me!)
Fire- Incendio (Lights a fire; to make a fire in the fireplace.)
Light- Lumos (Appears on tip of wand. Think flashlight for wizards/witches.)
Nox- used to extinguish the the light after, "Lumos."
Open Locks- Alohomora
Conjure Snake- Serpensortia (makes a long black snake)
Repel Water- Impervius (Used on Harry's glasses when he was playing Quidditch and it was raining)
Create Bandages/Splint- Ferula (have to tap on the body part where you want the bandages/splints to be)
See Invisible Ink- Aparecium (Must tap parchment three times. Snape wanted to see what was on the Maurader's Map thinking it was all in invisible ink.)
Move Objects- Mobiliarbus (moves an object from one place to another)
Moving Body- Morbilicorpus (used when Snape was unconscious in Book 3. I'm unsure whether the person has to be conscious or not for the spell to work)
Last Spell?- Prior Incantato (If you want to know what the wands last spell was, you use this charm. Must have the tip of your wand touching the tip of the one being tested for the charm to work)
Deletrius- When you're done seeing the spell that was used last, you use this charm to clear away the image.
Make Your Voice Louder- Sonorus (heightens your voice tremendously so if your in a big Quidditch field, everyone can hear you)
Quietus- opposite of the above. It makes your voice go back to your normal level.

The Three Forbidden Curses: (when used, you gain a lifetime sentence in Azkaban)
The Imperius Curse: Imperio- Gives the caster full control over the person under the spell.
The Cruciatus Curse: Crucio- It delivers a lot of pain to the person who is being casted under this spell. It's a form of torture. (It can drive you insane, like Neville's parents, if you are under it a lot.)
The Killing Curse: Avada Kedavra- True to it's name; unblockable

The rest of the spells are not as severe as the Forbidden ones.

Leg Locker Curse- Locomotor Mortis (The person casted under the spell has his/her legs binded together by an invisible force. Think mermaid, but discount fins and breathing under water.)
Full Body Bind Curse- Petrificus Totalus (your legs get stuck together, as well as your arms. Think worm.)
Freeze- Stupefy (not freeze someone into ice, but make them stop moving. I was thinking of putting this under Charms, but since it hinders someone/thing, I put it under Curses instead)
Ennervate- to un-freeze the person under the above spell
Boils Curse- Furnunculus (makes ugly boils form on the person's skin)
Reducto Curse- Reducto (enables the caster to blast solid objects away with this curse)
Impediment Curse- Impedimenta (slows down the person/thing and used to abstract attackers)

Conjure the Dark Mark- Morsmordre (makes the Dark Mark, a skull with a snake around it, appear in the sky. Used to gather Death Eaters, Voldemort's followers, and to let others know he was there.)


Xavien -

1. Levitating Charm: Wingardium Leviosa - This is just an opinion, but I've always thought that the actual spell was "Leviosa", with a specific word in front of it to designate the target. In this case, "wingardium" would have designated a feather, the object used in the charms class where this spell was learned, as the object to be levitated. Of course, magic being as chaotic as it is, this would sometimes work on other objects even with the wrong designate tag word. For example, when Ron used "Wingardium Leviosa" to lift the Troll's club into the air in the first book, the spell had an effect because there weren't any feathers around, and the spell had to go with the secondary target, the club, which was what Ron was pointing his wand at. However, as the club was only lifted a few feet in the air before dropping like a stone, the spell didn't work as well as it would have had Ron used the right tag word. Again, this is only an opinion, but it is something to consider.
2. Moving Objects: Mobiliarbus - Much like Wingardium Leviosa, this is only an opinion about the wording of the spell. When Hermione used this spell in the third book, she was moving a Christmas tree so as to obstruct some teachers' view of Harry. The suffix of the spell, "arbus", puts me in mind of Arbor Day, the day where everybody plants trees. Therefore, the actual incantation is probably "Mobili-" with the designated target attached on the end. This is why "Mobilicorpus" moves bodies, because of the "corpus" on the end, the Latin word for "body" and the origin of the English word "corpse".

If you have any other opinions to add concerning the spells, then please feel free to mail me.

I hope this list helped you somewhat in your writing. If anything here is wrong, please mail me so I can correct it.

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