Everything that is attached is to be sent to hparchive@aol.com If you choose to sumit a fic by copying and pasting it into the body of the mail, you send it to virago28@yahoo.com

07.16.01 - Step 4 modified!

07.28.01 - Can't get how to wrap your fic? Then try these visuals. Pics of my computer screen as I wrap a story in both Notepad (.txt) and Wordpad (.doc) with added notes/commentary. The pics are rather big, so depending on your connection speed, it could take awhile to load!

08.25.01 - If you choose to use the copy and paste method to submit a fic, please use this address: virago28@yahoo.com That way, it is guaranteed to be wrapped when I get it. Thanks!

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For Fanfiction:

1. One of my biggest rules for this page is no explicit materials. And by my saying explicit, I mean hentai/Rated X and that sort of stuff. I do accept slash/yaoi/yuri (same-sex relationships), and every fic that is a slash fic will have a warning by it. (I don't accept slash couples like Sirius/Harry and McGonagall/Hermione, etc.)

2. Please try to wrap your fic to 70 characters per line. If you do, your fic won't have that long horizontal scroll bar, which makes it harder for the reader to read your fic. And we don't want to lose any readers, right?

  • The browser can't wrap your file for you. So don't do 'Word Wrap' and then send it cause when I post it, the lines won't be wrapped anymore.
  • Or you can copy and paste your fic to the body of the mail, BELOW the needed information (step 4) if you donít want to go through the hassle. Though, extra, unwanted characters at times pop out of nowhere when I receive it and I will just post it as is. It happens, though not all the time.

    Having complications? Check out the visuals.

    Still confused? Mail me at hparchive@aol.com

    3. I can accept files in .txt (Notepad) - That's where you have to wrap it 70 characters per line. I can also accept things in a .doc format (Wordpad)

    4. Oh, and this is the most basic rule for almost every fanfiction site. In the subject line of your mail, please write the title of your fic, what part your fic is, and the alias you want to go under. Like, for example. Here's how my subject line would be:

    "When Opposite Attract- Part 1 by Iris Marie"

    I want to see this in the body of your mail:

    1. Title
    2. Part/s (if it's a stand-alone, meaning there are no other parts, then just write n/a next to the number 2) (the current part you are giving to me)
    3. The name you wish to go under
    4. Author E-Mail address
    5. Check out the categories section to see what open genres there are. If it's a romance, then please write down the couple/s so it can be properly categorized. (You can only choose one genre)
    6. Summary (not really needed, but it'll gain the reader's attention to your fic)
    7. Your Homepage's name and address (if you have one - if not, type in n/a) (if it's an archive, a collection of works by multiple authors, then please write in parenthesis next to it 'Archive')

    I don't want to see anything else in the body of the mail. If I don't find this in the body of your mail, then it will be returned to you.

    5. The file name (a.k.a. the name you save your file as) cannot be more then 5, or 7 at the maximum, letters long. For instance your fic is A Magic Unborn Part 1. Do not save it as these:

  • A Magic Unborn - Part 1
  • my first fanfiction ever
  • part 1 of a magic unborn

    Get the picture? I'd much prefer it to be something short as in:

  • magunb1
  • magicu1

    Something that resembles the title of the fic, but shortened. Got it? Plus with the number of the part right next to it (if it's multi-chaptered) Please save it in that fashion!

    6. Let's say you have three parts written and would like to have all of them posted. Don't send each part per mail. Attach all of them into one mail (I know that yahoo only allows you to attach 3 per time) However, if you wrote two stand alones, then of course you'd have to send each one separately ^-^ with their proper information

    7. You already have part 1 written and you're going to send in the next part. Please re-do Step 4. I really just need that information in the body (1-4, exclude 5 and 6)

    For Poetry:

    Must be HP-related. Please follow the steps above to see what format I can accept. However, please provide the following information in the body of the mail:


    For Artwork:

    Please have it attached to the mail youíre sending. Also, please provide the following information in the body of the mail:

    What the picture is supposed to be? or What is it supposed to portray?
    Title (It's going to be used underneath the drawing you send)

    The third criteria is mainly for the sake of avoiding unnecessary complications.

    Have it saved in either .gif, .jpg, or .bmp so I can at least open it in my computer. Also please avoid giving me huge poster sized pictures. Also, nothing severely explicit, please. By my saying severely explicit, I mean detailed bedroom scenes.

    Fanart section will be limited to a strict few. I have, you know, limited free space. If yours happen to be one of the ones I decide to turn down, I hope you are not that deeply offended.

    The writing section is open to all who want to write ^-^ Aspiring newbie to a regular/old, feel free to write to your hearts content! (However, if it's only a paragraph and I find it extremely, extremely horrid, it will be sent back to you with my constructive criticism!)

    Poetry section is open for all. Though I don't really care for limericks and haikus, I'll still take them to be fair and open. ^-^

    Updates work either weekly or biweekly!